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Solve complicated business problems with comprehensive tools and the right approach through our cloud computing services

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Streamline user experiences through design thinking principles

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Reinvigorate products and applications for faster time-to-market


Combine experience and expertise to identify unconventional opportunities for business growth


Hyperscale through multi-skilled, technically adept talent

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Enjoy the advantages of cloud computing, PaaS, containers, and hyperscale services with platforms like Tanzu and OpenShift to build and run applications

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Leverage the best of front-end engineering, content management platforms, low and no-code platforms, native, and hybrid mobile apps to create intuitive experiences

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Cover the entirety of digital engineering through bespoke app engineering, Kubernetes, and other orchestrators and business platforms

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Make applications future-facing and scalable using API engineering, API platforms, B2B, B2C, B2E integrations, and domain-aligned microservices

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Achieve greater speed and agility for security teams with continuous everything, chaos engineering, site reliability engineering, release and environment management, and enterprise-scale rollouts

"Zensar’s deep domain knowledge and Velocity platform delivered streamlined experiences, customer satisfaction, and faster time-to-value for us."
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Up to 30% reduction in release cycles resulting in faster product time-to-market

Approximately 40% increase in total cost of ownership savings through improved efficiencies

Agility to launch 100% new products and services to meet market expectations

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How we've helped clients rise to the challenge

Hear from our experts how a popular online florist became an essential service during COVID-19


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Business ideas, goals, and problems aren’t one-size-fits-all. Business solutions shouldn’t be either

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