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Quality engineering services across the board with AI-powered testing solutions for people, processes, and tools

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Match the expectations of digital audiences and gain a competitive edge

Return on investment

More frequent version releases (with confidence). Faster speed to value and return on investment


Predictability, reliability, and improved application performance


Optimize IT spending with our shift-left and shift-right models, prevent issues that lead to downtime

Our Offerings

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Digital assurance

Focus on experience, not bugs, with 360-degree UX, cloud/app mod testing, digital marketing guarantee, compliance and compatibility, and test environment management

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Intelligent testing

Increase efficiency and minimize errors with AI-led solutions for agile and DevOps automation and testing

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Enterprise applications

Strategic, connected testing for enterprise applications, SaaS, and commercial off-the-shelf products

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Improve data quality and operations with load testing, application performance management, security engineering, and data and analytics testing

Zensar has been named a Product Challenger

ISG ProviderLens™ Study Continuous Testing US and UK 2020

Approximately 40-50% reduction in defects through early detection of bugs

More than 20 years of experience and expertise

Approximately 20-30% reduction in testing time and productivity through optimized frameworks

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